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Joel Posluns, 6th Dan started Aikido in 1973 in Toronto and has practiced regularly since that time. In 1991, he relocated to San Francisco with his family to take a senior marketing position within a large financial institution but decided at 40 to leave corporate life and to follow his interest in Aikido. He founded San Francisco Aikikai in 1992 and opened as a commercial dojo in the Polk Street Gulch, near Nob Hill and remains as technical director. See their websit at:

As Chief Instructor for San Francisco Aikikai, he developed the curriculum for all levels of training including an extensive children and teens program. Posluns Sensei has been a professional Aikido instructor since 1992 and was awarded the rank of Rokodan (6th degree black belt) in 2005 and named as an Aikikai Shihan (Master Level Instructor) for the United States Aikido Federation at Hombu Dojo's Kagami Biraki January 2013. Posluns Sensei has followed Yoshimitsu Yamada and Mitsunari Kanai Shihan (both were from the last group of uchideshi to O-Sensei founder of Aikido) for almost 40 years.

In 2003 Joel and his family relocated to Vancouver and currently lives in North Vancouver. He has continued to teach and practice Aikido regularly and just opened a new dojo as a registered B.C. not-for-profit Society and named it North Vancouver Aikikai where he is the Chief Instructor. For more information on North Vancouver Aikikai see their website at:


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